Witness from Dinotopia (2002)


Witness from Dinotopia Witness From Dinotopia is a half-hour special designed to generate awareness and high interest in ABC's six-hour mega-series event: Dinotopia, premiering Sunday May 12, 2002 AD. This unique half-hour special generates mystery and intrigue as it offers glimpses of the amazing world of Dinotopia. "Witness" is based on an interview between a print journalist and a curious young man who was recently picked up at sea - who claims to have spent years on an incredible lost island - Dinotopia.
Rated : N/A
Released : N/A
Runtime : N/A
Genre : Documentary, Sci-Fi
Director : Tim VandeSteeg
Writer : Paul Carlson, Joshua Will
Actors : Lee Walker, Adam Whisner
Language : English
Country : USA
Awards : N/A
Type : movie


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