Wheels: An American Dream (2014)


Wheels: An American Dream "Wheels: An American Dream" is an underdog story charting the lives of four food trucks trying to make it in an increasingly demanding industry. These entrepreneurs must challenge and reinvent their own notions of success, happiness, and the true meaning of being their own bosses. In 2008, the Kogi BBQ truck opened in LA to unprecedented success. Suddenly, food trucks became the new, hot trend in Los Angeles. Hundreds of entrepreneurs opened their own food trucks in order to fulfill a long-held American dream of being their own bosses. The mobile food industry, however, is much more difficult than it seems. Aspiring entrepreneurs Briggidy and Charlie balance the difficulties of opening a truck with the demands of parenthood. Taylor finds ways to enjoy the food truck life despite a broken truck and never-ending fees. Dave accepts that there will always be a more successful truck out there-- and that's okay. Lawrence's truck went out of business and he must learn to recuperate and be happy. What is the meaning of success for each of these characters in an industry where there's always a newer, hotter truck around the corner?
Rated : N/A
Released : N/A
Runtime : 21 min
Genre : Documentary, Short, Biography
Director : Sara Joe Wolansky
Writer : Sara Joe Wolansky
Actors : Taylor Funkhouser, Lawrence Fama, Dave Miller, Charlie Hernandez
Language : English
Country : USA
Awards : 2 wins.
Type : movie


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