Voltopia/Kickin Boot (2012)


Voltopia/Kickin Boot When Voltar and Dr. Frogg wind up at the city dump after taking a ride in the Lair's emergency escape pod, the two super villains assume they've accidentally destroyed the entire planet! Amidst the garbage and junk, they set out to rebuild the world in their image while Red and Doomageddon scour the city for their missing (and slightly delusional) teammates. / Voltar gets his evil little hands on a pair of discarded platform boots. The extra inches! The pooooower! But Frogg can't help but notice something strange about the boots... they're girls' boots, grant Voltar super powers, and seem to compulsively fight evil wherever it's afoot! With Voltar unable to take his new boots off, he becomes a threat to the city's villains. Discovering that the boots are superhero boots, the League decides to fight fire with fire(or in this case, fight shoes with shoes)and team up with superhero footwear expert Wow Woman to stop him from unwillingly defeating every other super villain in Metrotown.
Rated : TV-Y7
Released : 11 Jun 2012
Runtime : 22 min
Genre : Animation, Comedy, Family
Director : N/A
Writer : N/A
Actors : N/A
Language : N/A
Country : N/A
Awards : N/A
Type : episode


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