Triple Standard (2010)


Triple Standard Crim is a businessman and father, whose business success is dependent upon how he presents himself to the world. In the locker room after a basketball game, he and a fellow player named Stanley are roughhousing as usual, when Crim angrily accuses Stanley of making a gay play for him. While many of the others in the locker room try to calm Crim down, stating that Stanley is just putting him on, D, Crim's roommate of five years, seems quietly to be the one most annoyed by Crim's reaction to Stanley. D and Crim talk about the issue later when they get back home, Crim's reaction to Stanley, only the latest in many vehemently homophobic statements and actions Crim has made in his life, which could destroy D and Crim's relationship, especially as Crim seems unwilling to acknowledge many aspects of his own life not only to the world but more importantly to himself.
Rated : N/A
Released : 13 Aug 2010
Runtime : 20 min
Genre : Short, Drama, Romance
Director : William Branden Blinn
Writer : William Branden Blinn
Actors : Lee Amir-Cohen, William Jennings, Ronnie Prouty, Steve Alderfer
Language : English
Country : USA
Awards : N/A
Type : movie


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