Tomorrowland (2010)


Tomorrowland The staff at SCDP are taking their opportunities where ever they come. After Don's diatribe in the form of the advertisement in the New York Times against tobacco advertising, he and Pete have a meeting with the Board of Directors of the American Cancer Society for their business. It's not so much the advertising contract of a non-profit organization that they want but those of the businesses for which the board members actually work. They ask Ken to use some social connections to leverage some of that potential. And based on a social conversation Peggy has with Joyce, Peggy pounces on an opportunity for another contract, but has to work fast to get it. Within all these goings-on, Don is taking some time away from the office to take the kids to California, where he has to deal with some aspects of Anna's estate. But Betty, acting on an emotional impulse in the process of moving to a new house, thwarts Don's plans, for which he has to make some quick last minute adjustments to those plans. The result for Betty is a feeling of isolation. In California, Don, feeling emotional while thinking back to his friendship with Anna but also seeing his children and himself in a more relaxed setting and thinking about a comment from Faye about reconciling the Don and Dick sides of his life, also makes an impulsive decision which catches everyone in his life by surprise.
Rated : TV-14
Released : 17 Oct 2010
Runtime : 45 min
Genre : Drama
Director : Matthew Weiner
Writer : Matthew Weiner (created by), Jonathan Igla, Matthew Weiner
Actors : Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, Vincent Kartheiser, January Jones
Language : English, French
Country : USA
Awards : N/A
Type : episode


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