The Pursuit (2015)


The Pursuit Arun is a young man surrounded by his own world of thoughts. He leads a typical metropolitan lifestyle, but the modest man has darker secrets that he is in pursuit of every single day. Whilst his search for truth unfolds around him, it ultimately turns out to be his destiny. A story set amidst the urban landscapes of Singapore, which deals with an issue that binds a man with compassion and abhorrence.
Rated : N/A
Released : 14 Apr 2015
Runtime : 18 min
Genre : Short, Drama
Director : Kugan
Writer : Kugan
Actors : Narainda Subramaniam, Gaiyethri Ramasamy, Jayasutha Samuthiran, Sarvinn Kumaa
Language : Tamil
Country : Singapore
Awards : N/A
Type : movie


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