Perfect Pitch (2005)


Perfect Pitch Perfect Pitch is about the art of pitching. It tells the humorous story of a writer, Chuck Wang, who joins a room full of oddball writers to pitch his concept to an imposing Mr. Leech. While he nervously sits with his script in a waiting room, Mr. Leech and two other studio executives become increasingly impatient with the numerous awful ideas they must endure. They are in an unreceptive mood when Chuck Wang is called in. Surprisingly, they respond to his introduction about rooting for an underdog. It quickly goes sour, however, when Chuck introduces the details of classical music and genius. The spark of an idea gets tossed around though, and soon becomes unrecognizable as an idea about a baseball pitcher throwing a perfect game in the seventh game of the World Series. Chuck is congratulated for his brilliant concept, and is whisked out.
Rated : N/A
Released : 17 Apr 2005
Runtime : 7 min
Genre : Short, Comedy
Director : David Eng
Writer : David Eng
Actors : Paul Andrade, Jayme Burke, Mika Collins, Randy Coloma
Language : English
Country : Canada
Awards : N/A
Type : movie


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