Madman (2005)


Madman Little Earthquake invites you to experience the world according to Poprishchin. Saddled with a surname meaning pimple, hounded by talking dogs, and harassed by his plate-smashing mother, life is hard for St Petersburg's most misunderstood lonely heart. Recently voted by Penguin as one of the best books ever written, Little Earthquake presents an inventive, highly-charged stage version of Gogol's gripping story. Using the company's trademark transformation of everyday objects into the stuff of nightmares, watch as reason and order fall spectacularly apart, while Poprishchin falls truly, deeply... and madly in love.
Rated : N/A
Released : N/A
Runtime : N/A
Genre : Drama
Director : Gareth Nicholls
Writer : Gareth Nicholls
Actors : Gareth Nicholls
Language : English
Country : UK
Awards : N/A
Type : movie


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