A Perfect Pitch (1998)


A Perfect Pitch Stuart Warren loves playing the piano. Trouble is, his father and older brother are big on baseball. Lou coaches his boys, it's big brother Buddy's last year in the league, Lou is thinking championship, and Lou's Dukes lead the Gophers by the fourth inning. Buddy is always on Stuart's case, under the guise of a smile and pseudo helping hand. To build character, Lou brings Stuart in from the outfield to pitch the fourth, to the dismay of pitcher Paulie's connected father, Frank. The first two batters to face Stuart get hits, Buddy jeers Stuart, Stuart simmers, and Bernie, the assistant coach, calls on Stuart to deliver one good pitch. Does he have it in him? A Warren never quits!
Rated : N/A
Released : 01 Oct 1998
Runtime : 18 min
Genre : Short
Director : Bruce Worrilow
Writer : Bruce Worrilow
Actors : Blake Lewolt, Skip O'Brien, Matt Koruba, Anthony Rosselli
Language : English
Country : USA
Awards : 1 win.
Type : movie


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